Hi, I'm Maria!

I'm a wanna-be Hobbit who loves to make art. A lover of all things fantasy and whimsical, nothing makes me happier than an afternoon spent painting. (+ a cup of tea)

Throughout the year, I can be found running my online shop and traveling to comic conventions around the country.

I hope my work inspires you!

Convention Schedule

Ohayocon – Columbus, OH | Jan. 19-22
Anime Milwaukee – Milwaukee, WI | Feb. 3-5
Emerald City Comic Con – Seattle, WA | March 2-5
C2E2 – Chicago, IL | March 31-May 2
Grand Rapids Comic Con Spring Fling – Grand Rapids, MI | April 14-16
Indiana Comic Con – Indianapolis, IN | May 5-7
Cherry Capital Comic Con – Traverse City, MI | May 26-28
The Magical Realm Fantasy Faire – Charlotte, MI | June 3-4
Denver Fan Expo – Denver, CO | June 30-July 2
Dokidokon – Kalamazoo, MI | July 28-30
DragonCon – Atlanta, GA | Aug. 31-Sept. 4
Salt Lake FanX – Salt Lake City, UT | Sept. 22-24
Grand Rapids Comic Con – Grand Rapids, MI | Nov. 3-5

More conventions to be announced!


What software and brushes do you use?

I mainly use Procreate on my iPad Pro. I'm a simple person who uses basic brushes. I use the HB Pencil to sketch and the Salamanca and Nikko Rull brushes to paint.

I sometimes finish a painting in Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos.

Why is your name MissChibiArtist?

When I first started posting my art online, I drew lots of chibis. Thus, I created my username around my content.

While I still draw a chibi here and there, my work focuses more on whimsical illustration. So now, as a tiny (short) human, I refer to myself as the chibi artist.

Who is Mr. Pumpkin?

Mr. Pumpkin is my original character. He's a bit shy and socially awkward, but very sweet. He loves his cabin in the woods and hanging out with his ghost friends.

As time goes on, you'll learn more about Mr. Pumpkin, his forest of eternal autumn, and the other characters that live there.

Follow Mr. Pumpkin on Instagram @lifeofmrpumpkin